My work includes attesting the signature and execution of documents; authenticating the execution of documents; administering of oaths and declarations; attending upon the drawing up of bonds; providing documents to deal with the administration of the estate of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad; and authenticating company and business documents and transactions.
  • Company notarisation – company searches, meeting with directors, attending board meetings and verifying and authenticating documents.
    • Adoption – verifying and authenticating documents, notarisation, providing expert knowledge and advice.
    • Legalisation and apostille – I can arrange for documents to be authenticated by foreign and Commonwealth offices or an embassy, verifying translations, powers of attorney, verifying documents relating to foreign property.
I also can also provide authentication and a secure record for almost any sort of transaction, document or event.


My hourly rate is £300 plus VAT which applies pro-rata according to the time spent. It will usually be possible to estimate with reasonable accuracy the cost of a particular requirement but estimates whilst given in good faith are not binding. My current minimum fee is £250 plus VAT. In certain instances a payment on account of costs may be requested. Interim bills may be issued and all bills are payable on delivery.

In addition to my fees, out-of-pocket expenses will be charged. These include payment of agents’ fees for obtaining an apostille and any foreign lawyers’ or agents’ fees.

It is important to both time and cost for copy documents and details of the transaction to be sent in prior to any appointment to enable the exact requirements to be checked.

Terms of Service

Corporate Clients

Instructions taken on behalf of corporate clients are accepted on the basis that the directors or other controllers of the company or organisation are personally responsible for my fees.

Money Laundering

I am required by law to comply with money laundering and proceeds of crime regulations. This entails proof of identity and address. I will need to inspect and take copies of your original current signed passport or original current photographic driving license or similar together with an original utility bill, bank statement, council tax demand or similar dated within the preceding three months.

I cannot under any circumstances be held liable for losses sustained for any disclosure I may be required to make to the Serious Organised Crime Agency or the NCIS as a result of my compliance with the regulations.​

Standards of Service

If at any time there is any aspect of the work carried out by me for you which is not clear to you or about which you experience a problem you should contact me immediately with a view to resolving the matter. English law shall be applied in respect of any dispute arising and English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.​

Please see my Complaints Procedure here.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances may my liability to you or any third party arising from work carried out by me exceed the level of indemnity cover required from time to time under the Public Notaries (Practising Certificates) Rules 1982 which is currently £500,000. I do not advise on foreign law and accordingly accept no liability arising to you as a result of the operation of foreign law to any matter for which I provide notarial services.


If any fees or disbursements remain unpaid at completion of the work for which I have been instructed I may exercise a lien on all documents and papers held by me whether prepared by me or not until such time as such fees and disbursements have been discharged in full.

The Data Protection Act 1998 applies and my practice is registered with the Information Commissioner’s office.

Abortive or Terminated Work

A pro-rata charge will be made in circumstances where instructions are withdrawn or a matter not completed through no fault of mine.

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